a reminder

since i’m starting uni again, there’ll be no more custom made request / order. i’ve been very busy with many things these past few days that i haven’t got the time at all to update this blog with new stuffs.

please take note that the last 3 groups that are currently in my waiting list (you know who you are, i don’t need to mention you guys here aite?), any of these 3 groups who are willing to pay their deposit first will get their bags first, no more who comes first gets first basis yeah.

i have my own life too, i need time for my own self, managing my very own life doing other things besides starring at the screen waiting for your confirmation, or wasting my precious time reminding you guys via emails and ym and all, over and over again and in the end all i got is nothing from you.

please be considerate that i need loads of time to do your bags. all the bags are handmade dude, handmade. and i am no robot. i need time to sew, to paint, to rest my hand and I need time to think of new ideas. i am not demanding, all i asked is for you to pay me half of the full payment first then only i can proceed with the whole process. and that is how the deal works.

take note that i didn't charge a single cents for custom made order and yet some of you did ask for discounts, and i gave you discounts. i didn’t ask for anything else but for you to be considerate and let’s not be selfish peeps. i’m starting uni in few weeks time and there are tons of other importants things that i need to think of besides bags bags and bags while all of you are wasting your time comfortably on your semester break watching tvs, vacations and all.

it won’t take you a lifetime to just reply my short email or go to the bank to transfer the deposit. now i know why most blogshop owners said that it’s not easy to do online business. and i understand their sorrow. duh! it's not easy to please people you see.

there’s no need for me to say much here, again i’d like to make a very friendly reminder to these three groups, WHOEVER GETS TO PAY THEIR DEPOSIT FIRST, I’LL DO THEIR REQUEST FIRST.

please don’t take my kindness for granted yeah.

thank you for reading anyway. ;)