one heavy february

ah man, i really wanted to be part of this event. but but but, so sad so sad so sad, i haven't got much time to prepare anything. even though they've postponed it to another date. duh! but hey, thanks so much iwan-g for inviting me but sorry i don't think i can make it to that event. geez i'm so frustrated. estrella and seven collar dude, oh my! i've got tons of assignments, projects, reports, on going tests and assessments and this and that craps, all piled up waiting to be submitted in no time. ants are living in my laptop and so does dreadful spyware too. how cool is that yeah. my life is a bit screwed up right now but i know i can fix it on my own. i wanna get myself a bicycle and a camera and a backpack but i think i've spent too much of my money buying skirts at a bundle store. but i don't care man. i'll save some of my money so that i can buy more fabric dyes and i can start selling bags again. once again, thank you so much iwan-g for the invitation. you rock! bijou rocks! artragelab rocks! estrella rocks! seven collar rocks! everyone rocks!