hey ho!

hiyaw peeps!

i've been asked few times by bunch of kids about new updates from this blog. i've abandoned terribellhorribell for way too long. life is quite a mess and growing up is sometimes fun. sigh. i've been busy with workloads, doodling in ms paint, taking care of my bunnies and stuffs that i don't have the time at all to do any updates here. but yeah i've started drawing again after nearly a year, and i managed to come up with few things (not so much really) but at least that's enough for something to start off with eh.

oh, i've deleted all sold items and some of my previous posts if you notice. i got myself a new shoutbox and renovated a bit here and there and terribellhorribell is still under construction actually but nah no worries you can still browse around whenever you want to. and i'm still in the process of registering my label, how cool is that yeah?